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nooby 2 day

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So i was in the process of making a random acc (was gonna be a pure or shit main to bot on). It got a 2 day ban pretty early on, almost positive it was from agility. So it got unlocked a few days ago and im gonna try and bot it nonstop thru the weekend. Not making any money doing this, just figured fuck it why not. but the goal is to get 50-82 fiishing over the weekend without a ban. If that happens then ill train and do some quests by hand and sell it for cheap. But im guessing ban b4 sunday. Think ill have any luck lol

********** made it to 80 fishing and its monday. No ban as of now****     didnt make the goal exactly but i got pretty dam close, might continue to 82 not sure yet

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2 hours ago, Juggles said:

Your best bet Is to do this with like 10 accounts and hope that's 2-3 survive

yea if i was trying to get an actual 82 fisher id deff be doing this, This is just a throwaway acc and i figured fuck it ill waste the mems till acc is banned or it hits the goal. But if this makes it i might consider trying to get a fishing farm

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