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  1. Christlynn left Positive feedback   

    Great guy! He took the risk to do 50/50 with a new user like me knowing the risk he might get scammed. Overall experience with him is great! Hope to see you again soon :)

    yeeet was The Buyer

  2. serg Rambo left Positive feedback   

    sold me his account, thanks :)

    yeeet was The Seller

  3. Ragnar3 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, really polite and friendly. hopfully will meet again in the future thanks.

    yeeet was The Buyer

  4. Paxep left Positive feedback   

    Good transaction , amazing deal good guy

    yeeet was The Seller

  5. w0000ticus left Positive feedback   

    Bought an account off him, once we were able to link up it was a quick and easy transaction, cheers :)

    yeeet was The Seller

  6. Morova left Positive feedback   

    Good guy. Was understanding about some difficulties and I would definitely do business with again. Truly a servicers dream client.

    yeeet was The Buyer

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