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Random solver stopped clicking on CLICK HERE TO PLAY button

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1 hour ago, HeyImJamie said:

The interface / widget that would be used to interact with 'Click here to play' has been changed, so you'll have to wait for Alek to update the client. I expect it'll be fixed fairly quickly when he's online. Just be patient :) 

Alek no longer fixes on thurs, it's either maxi or zach.

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7 hours ago, FrostBug said:

What? Gonna need source on that

He said it himself, numerous times. No reason to take pictures of that lol; ask him yourself. I personally think thats fair aswell, as he's the only dev thats actually doing stuff here and is active. Atleast what those 3 could do is manage the client fixes, on time.


Also, he fixed the client this week, even tho it's not his job to.

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