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  1. i have for sale with 87 agi if u want discord Ukasz#1094
  2. Dispute member: @maz502 Why it should be removed: he bought 1month + rested acc ( he saw it when he log in ) he use this account and get ban ... now he blame me about it and he want refound... i dont take resposibility for acc's after transaction ... Details: he is mad bcs he lose account and dont get refound and he spam in my fb section ( 2x negative fb ) 03/13/21 Ukasz is a scammer will sell you broken Accounts after some hours of using it will sure get banned if you want to risk your money you can test him because no refunds from his side ever Thanks maz502 03/13/21 Bought an Zulrah Starter Account after some hours of buying it got permanent banned stay away from him maz502 Link to topic:
  3. looking for workers pack-1 regicide ql+ma1------ on acc's with 51agi 70def 75rgd 75mg ( plague city/biogazard/underground pass/regicide) pack-2 regicide ql+ma1+avas ------on acc's with 51agi 70def 75rgd 75mg ( plague city/biogazard/underground pass/regicide) best offer win discord Ukasz#1094
  4. 12x70def 75rgd 75mg 43pray +regicide ql + ma1 55m
  5. pc -> 75att 99str 1def 99rgd 52pray 99mg 83construction/ 70qp ( quested ) fire cape quashed ban
  6. Zulrah rdy acc's 11x70def 75rgd 75mg 43pray +regicide ql + ma1 60m Zulrah starters 5x70def 75rgd 75mg +51agi 42m
  7. can u give me ur discord info ?
  8. the same settings like u but nothing in logger about break ... ( private scripts ) ... no breaks now i hope u fix it today bcs this rly bad ... everyone have problem and dont have breaks bcs i ask few ppl
  9. nice release ,,enable breaks'' is saved in new clients but breaks doesnt work anyone else have this problem ? or all in this topic post ,,nice'' ,,good work'' ,,sweet'' without test ? maybe doing something wrong but bots are not making breaks.... @Patrick
  10. any idea when will be next release ? bcs many ppl wait around month with that ,,breaks error'' ....
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