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It's been a while OSBot...


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Hey everyone and anyone that still remembers me,

I recently gained access again to the email that my OSBot account was linked to and was able to recover the password. I just wanted to make a post saying hi and that i'll be around on here again. I doubt i'll do any paid scripting(or if I'd even be allowed to), but I've been botting on Lights Hope(private vanilla WoW server) and it made me want to come back and make some free open source community scripts. Over the last 2 or so years I've grown so much as a programmer, to the point where looking back at old code I've written is just cringey lol. 

Back when that whole "Other bot sites are hacking osbot users" fiasco was going on, I changed my password to something stupid long and complex(can't say I was in the most sober state of mind). I ended up forgetting that password, and when I tried to recover my account I found out the email I signed up with was some random throw away email. I recently got that email back and was able to recover the account on here. 


But yeah hi, I'll be posting/lurking on these forums again and just wanted to say what's up. 

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