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New Goldfarming Method....

Travis Scott

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So, Zulrah has been beating me up recently, I have no desire to start up another Zulrah farm...


I am considering... Tab making, Blast furnace, and Barrows. Something light.... I'd like to have no more than 10 accounts, making a nice amount.


What are your guy's thoughts on those 3 ^


Any other methods worth sharing?


Thank you guys.

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Barrows would actually be nice but blast furance would be better beceause the amount you be making will be the same every hour with barrows that amount can be high or low depending on the pieces you get and tab making the profit isn't that high so not worth it 

So i would go for blast furance 

4 minutes ago, littlet said:

I believe Blast Furnace has a rather high ban rate, (I could be wrong on this) so it would take a lot of attention to keep getting new accounts out there. I would go with Barrows if I were you.

idk how the Ban rates but if he would do barrows the profit he be making depens on the items and luck tbf beceause sometimes you can go 50+ chest dry and you have to spend some money on supplies too 

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