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    Big Rip

    just got hit and didnt mule my gp rip 300m i am so fucking sad there goes $200 someone shoot me so i can quit this game
  2. No random event gives a chocolate cake though. Unless it was a chocolate bar which could be from sandwhich lady.
  3. Really weird. Considering you're an ironman, plus theres nowhere close to even get a slice of chocolate cake around you. I mean maybe? How many chocolate slices did you have?
  4. Is this an ironman? You dont need 45 woodcutting for any of those quests. Add me on discord or skype so we can talk more fluidly. discord: Silenity#1097 skype: Live:DynastyQuests
  5. 7.25m Can literally start instantly. Just finished my last quest order.
  6. One thing that I absolute love to do is make new accounts. I have a ton of them. Way too many. And I don't need so many. Most of them have been because I like to quest and I like to theorycraft with different ironman strategies. Now I need to sell them because they're just sitting inactive waiting for someone to utilize them. Almost all of these are works in progress accounts and have just been abandoned or idled by me. I am the original and only owner for ALL of these accounts with original email. No accounts have membership remaining or active offenses. The price of these accounts will be discussed. Contact: Skype: Live:DynastyQuests Discord: Silenity#1097 Account 1. G Mauler with prayer Account 2. G Mauler without prayer Account 3. F2P Range 2H with prayer Account 4. F2P Range 2H without prayer Account 5. G Mauler with prayer Account 6. G Mauler with prayer and 85 construction SOLD Account 7. Starter Ironman almost Wintertodt ready, 150k bank Account 8. Starter Ironman with 65 mining, Wintertodt ready, 650k bank Account 9. Starter Ironman with 90 firemaking, 7m bank Account 10. Basic NMZ This applies to all accounts.
  7. hit me up on discord Silenity#1097 im a beast at regicide quest line
  8. arent u supposed to be banned? https://osbot.org/forum/topic/155608-items-gp-nmz-points-ign-all-stolen-from-totistikus/?tab=comments#comment-1928776
  9. 18m. I could knock this out for ya over the weekend. Hit me up mate.
  10. Hit me up here or on discord Silenity#1097
  11. 16m if you still need mate.
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