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APA AIO Herblore

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Source code: https://github.com/apaec/aio-herblore

Available on the SDN: https://osbot.org/mvc/sdn2/scripts/10

Key Features:

  • Free & Open-source - Check out the code above
  • Reliability - The script was developed and rigidly tested with superior reliability in mind.
  • Multiple modes - Supported activities are listed below
  • Task scheduling - Allows you to customise a task queue
  • Target system - Each task can be configured with a target. When this target is reached, the next task in the queue will execute until there are no tasks remaining.
    • Stop when λ herblore exp gained. (or out of supplies)
    • Stop when herblore level λ reached. (or out of supplies)
    • Stop when λ minutes passed. (or out of supplies)
  • Randomisation - Many aspects to the script are randomised. Additionally, the script moves the mouse outside the screen when idle, alongside random mouse/camera movements.
  • Cleaning patterns - Multiple cleaning patterns and speeds are supported, including line, snake and vertical snake.
  • ... and many more!

Supported Activities:

  • Cleaning herbs
  • Making unfinished potions
  • Making finished potions
  • Making tar


  • Start up GUI (Graphical User Interface):


  • Paint:


User screenshots:







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