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  1. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Yeah scripts still good. Mirror mode has always ran fine for me so not sure but i don't expect issues. No trials sorry
  2. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Hello I must have deleted to images I will try and get some eventually. Profits are close to the wiki profits. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Charging_air_orbs Using the fast charge method you should expect to get a little more per/hr Couldn't say what it is currently as I have not tested recently but the wiki is around the value depending on methods used
  3. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Hello, Check the script logs. It should say why it is terminating. If it does not please pm me the logs and I'll be able to help you out
  4. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Hello @Levisz, thank you! Just to make sure, are you referring to the fire orbs obelisk in the Taverley dungeon?
  5. Hey just tested on my end no issues. It's likely you don't have the required runes to cast the spell. Please check the scripts logs after it stops it should say why. If not please paste the logs here. Thanks
  6. Yes script is working perfectly fine. Fixed it month(s) ago. Was failing to compile so I pushed a minor change and was fine once updated. @Token
  7. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Sorry for the late reply I did not get a notification for your message for some reason. Yes script is fully functional and is still being maintained.
  8. Nym

    Complete Orber

    I do not offer free trials sorry.
  9. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Pushed a fix recently. Update will be available shortly. Will say v2.4 on paint. Sorry for the inconvenience
  10. Nym

    Complete Orber

    v2.3 Added Support for new Clan Wars restoration. Ferox Enclave supported now.
  11. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Any information available in the logs? I believe the new update I pushed v2.1 may fix it. Give it another shot once it's updated. If it persists add my discord and I can get this fixed ASAP.
  12. I've recently noticed the same thing. The login handler of osbot will terminate the script after a few failed login attempts (~2-3 if I recall). Particularly annoying if it cannot connect for only a few minutes.
  13. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Hello @arbicrax172, I apologize for any inconvenience. Your feedback is appreciated. I believe I have found the issue but I am not entirely sure. Will send an update for the time being, if you can provide more information in regards to the issue that will help a lot in fixing this issue. What does the status say when it is stuck teleporting? Can you let me know your current settings for the scripts configuration? Thank you!
  14. Nym

    Complete Orber

    Use clan wars. As for running them 24 h not sure. I've personally had no issue with that.
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