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  1. Hey guys long time; looking for a price check on skiller accounts. 99 Cooking [ Level 1 other stats ] 99 Cooking & 99 Fletching [Leveling 1 other stats]
  2. Congratulations on your new position. Best of luck for the future, @Alek. Thank you for everything.
  3. It's not so much a matter of 'should'. Do you think that data will be useful later? Is it worth the investment to learn how to write something like that? Will it benefit you? Get creative, the devs here have created a wonderful API with plenty of functions to help you write just about any kind of script that's osrs related.
  4. mio i have a confession
  5. is it still even worth building your own with the costs of graphics cards? 1070 alone goes for 500+ and I don't even want to imagine what a 1080ti might cost right now.
  6. I vote for lower slave pricing overall! It's not true slave work if the workers are reasonably paid!
  7. Go for frost deathknight. Its very strong in the current META
  8. Yes. Plenty of Chinese support workers getting paid 0.30$ a day.
  9. At least it shows up on your end
  10. They watch 2-day accounts more closely, so unless you're gonna suicide it right away for a quick profit. It'll probably get banned reasonably quick.
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