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  1. What sort of timescale are we looking at for this?
  2. I need a price for the following: Legend's Quest Dream Mentor A Tail of Two Cats Bone Voyage 60-68 Mining 50-70 Smithing 56-60 Agility 55-60 Thieving Which will then lead into completion of DS2 Gear etc will be provided.
  3. Hey can I have some cool Rick and morty themed one? With it without “Grimnox” on!
  4. grimnox

    More work

    I’m 99 str, can you Message price on here or PM please not discord
  5. grimnox

    More work

    Need price for: 73-80 Defence 84-90 Attack Using NMZ - all stuff can be supplied, please post price and time it would take. Hand levelled please
  6. grimnox

    Few Jobs

    Looking for one person todo the following: 72-75 Def Eadgars Ruse Prices please
  7. I used to-do this thinking the same thing, but I've been banned on multiple accounts while using the chat actively.
  8. Trials to scripts will appear in the same place as your free or purchased scripts, try and reload your osbot client to refresh the list of scripts if it still doesn’t appear then It’s more than likely your trial hasn’t been activated by the script creator or has expired.
  9. Big vouch so far, perfect support on getting the cheat setup and avoiding anti cheat so far! 10/10
  10. I’m interested in trying this out I used to sell high ranked csgo accounts a few heard back and had my own private cheat which also ran externally, message me on discord. grimnox #4664
  11. Interesting topic of discussion, being website developer I learnt fundamentals of PHP, HTML & CSS as a young age and any extended knowledge came from trial and error and age, how did you learn the fundamentals of java and python?
  12. I am but I’m not looking to pay for a near maxed account I was looking to pay for a med
  13. You don’t need to live in the same country as the proxy you use however if you keep changing from one country to another on a RuneScape account you might get banned for account sharing!
  14. If they're cheap then im interested throw me a private message!
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