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Alch script

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12 minutes ago, The Undefeated said:

You don't even have a Scripter rank, don't buy from him. :boge:


6 minutes ago, Void said:

I can make you this is you need one?

However if you want a SDN one - some of the AIO ones are nice :)

Skype: allhailzamorak

Might not really need it after all. I'll shoot a pm if i eventually need the script

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50 minutes ago, Saiyan said:

Autoclicking is infinitely better imo but it's up to you if you want to bot or not but when i autoclick i always yolo and get 800k-1m exp per day but when i've botted alching i've gotten banned from 6h runs

Yeah that's why I'll most likely autoclick alch and when I bot I'll bot str/ranged instead. So I can buy the staves myself.

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1 minute ago, Carti said:

you probably alch makng a loss or got the money for like 14k air b staves or some shit hahaha, can only afford up to 1k rn thats the prob

Oh yeah i alch for a loss atm cause i'd never risk running 10-16k b staves in a day even if i had money to buy the whole of the ge's daily supply too risky for me lul

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On 2017. 06. 10. at 1:47 AM, Carti said:

Is there any alch script which, when you run out of the item you selected, buys the item in ge and continue alching? Many profit alchs require large cash stacks to be bought in bulk(air battlestaves). 


use this, works like charm

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