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  1. Xardason left Negative feedback   

    Scammed me for all my time ever messaging him, plus over failed orders.

    Void was The Seller

  2. Kim left Negative feedback   

    scammed 4m

    Void was The Seller

  3. guywithlsd left Negative feedback   

    RIP 780k stupid fuck scammed lol

    Void was The Seller

  4. Bogdan left Negative feedback   

    scumbag scammer

    Void was The Seller

  5. Maldesto left Negative feedback   

    Scammer, do not trade him. He is a scum bucket and has herpes.

    Void was The Seller

  6. Dorn Moni left Negative feedback   

    Just scammed me for 10m, posted dispute. DO NOT TRADE!

    Void was The Seller

  7. Kim left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 100 tut island account, Thanks! +++

    Void was The Seller

  8. uta left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 150m

    Void was The Buyer

  9. JohnDoe1 left Positive feedback   

    sold me 1400 tutorial accounts for 50m. thanks! quick and easy +1

    Void was The Seller

  10. Arjen left Positive feedback   

    Bought 250m worth of ingame goods from him. Can't imagine a more costumer friendly person. THANKS A LOT. A+

    Void was The Seller

  11. Arjen left Positive feedback   

    Bought some very rare items from him, Awesome supplier. def recommend to anybody! A++

    Void was The Seller

  12. Rekt left Positive feedback   

    Did a series of quests and B gloves for him, Very nice buyer A++++ Thank you for using my services. :)

    Void was The Buyer

  13. ArsiDAA left Positive feedback   

    Did some skilling for him, very nice to work with + :)

    Void was The Buyer

  14. Rekt left Positive feedback   

    did quests on his 15 accounts. thanks for business. A++++ buyer <3

    Void was The Buyer

  15. Lucki left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a t7 for a rune pouch +1 thanks !

    Void was The Seller

  16. Alch left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for trading 350m with us @ www.BoglaGold.com Void! Appreciate it!

    Void was The Seller

  17. Team Cape left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 30 accs - thanks :)

    Void was The Seller

  18. aftabdear left Positive feedback   

    Bought my gold, thank you :)

    Void was The Seller

  19. Darren left Positive feedback   

    Bought more gold, always reliable provider

    Void was The Seller

  20. Phaibooty left Positive feedback   

    Did quests on a couple accounts. Payment after was quick and ez :)

    Void was The Buyer

  21. Vap0r left Positive feedback   

    He preformed a Man In The Middle Attack on me and a Gold buyer, thank you.

    Void was The Buyer

  22. Common left Positive feedback   

    Void MM'd a trade for me, thanks man!

    Void was Trading

  23. Common left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 45M! A++

    Void was The Buyer

  24. Marinernation left Positive feedback   

    bought an obby mauler from him. cool dude. thnx man

    Void was The Seller

  25. Butta left Positive feedback for a topic   

    helped me, awesome guy.

    Void was The Seller

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