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Possible to get script refunds?


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Public shaming is not good at all, but if you frequently tell the scripter there's multiple bugs and they don't respond even if you send them PM's, I think it's good to call them out on their shit so others don't get sucked in. 

For instance, if X is broken and you wanted the script for that purpose, post the bug on the thread. If they don't respond or acknowledge the bug I try to let people know it's not working. 

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13 minutes ago, Montana of 300 said:

Bad to publically name a script for being bad.

Just message the script owner directly; unless it's a clear glaring fault which the owner has just ignored/neglected to fix. 

You may find that it's an unknown and unintended bug; and to publically shame them is wrong surely?

Exactly why a name was not listed. I have respect for each and every script writer. I understand the work they put in.

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