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  1. stealth builder or juggles fighter
  2. if u think about it for a second u can realize money is a lot of facotrs in this world because if u dont have much money u cant really get much at all cuz a lot of things that produce happiness in this world require money. like i cant get much without money but if i do have some then life would be much easier like im watching jack ryan right now and they in france right now and they passed byt this croissant shop that looked hella good but i think they use euros or some foreign ass shit and it was like 1 of those foreign ass dollars but im sure thats like 3 freedom dollars still hella expensive but that foreign croissant must be bangin on so many different levels spiritually and physicall some outerworldly experience u know made by some guy name pierre u know?
  3. 2012 31 SDG QB 17 16 16 7-9-0 338 527 64.1 3606 26 4.9 15 2.8 184 80 6.8 6.5 10.7 225.4 88.6 42.6 49 311 5.72 5.45 8.5
  4. You can afford to finance a toyota 86 but not pixel earbuds?
  5. I'm not a vet but i feel like one. It's like osbot's last man standing
  6. this update saved my marriage
  7. change your avatar back to the big tiddy girls
  8. does this mean his scripts work now?
  9. Starting Price / AW: $50 (Crypto/OSRS GP) You first or MM I'm not O/O, ArcticKings is on a different website. Login is a throwaway: ****@**.com
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