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  1. Aden


    So i botted fishing barbarian 30hours straight no break. I even openly admit to botting and many people reported me (i wanted to see how long it'll last) and i stopped yesterday and have not been banned lol? Is that luck or can the ban be delayed?
  2. Aden


    He says he self requested. Is that true?
  3. Aden


    Im talking to osrs butlers and want to buy an acc.off.him. can someone tell me why he was suspended and if its safe to do?
  4. Aden

    Username login

    Bump looking for unverified username logins lvl 3
  5. just buy a vps, its the same thing (even better)
  6. I changed pw and made the acc ready but No money = no login information. Sorry Please remove his negative feedback, ty
  7. Aden

    Username login

    Need 2-3 username logins lvl 3 cheap. (Non dumb.names with numbers) short and decent With no email set and one password used
  8. Aden

    Username Login

    Looking for cheap username login accounts lvl 3, offer if you have some (trusted people only)
  9. Aden

    41 miner

    Just need 1 account with 41 mining including rune pickaye who can make one? Offer.
  10. Barb fishing not working, whats the action for it? lure doesnt work
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