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Does Jagex Watch IP Addresses?


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No it's pointless.


Take ReturnOfWildy for example. He's perm banned and on a ban-on-site for Jagex. If he streams, they can find his account and ban him. When he uploads a video his account will be banned the next day.

This would be much simplier if they just ip banned him (which is like, a step above ip flagging), apart from like 90% of people have a dynamic IP which changes every now and again (or after a hard reboot of your router)


If you're botting multiple accounts on the same IP, you may find that they all get banned at the same time. But Jagex won't monitor or flag your IP. They are just connecting the dots.


We don't know if Jagex flag payment details. We don't even truly know for sure if Jagex are flagging ips, however, logic states that it's a waste of time.

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