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Lucki's Feedback

  1. Bennifer left Negative feedback   

    Recovered account back.

    Lucki was The Seller

  2. LSDOVE left Neutral feedback   

    very rude and unprofessional

    Lucki was Trading

  3. Void left Positive feedback   

    Sold me a T7 for Rune Pouch - Highly reccomened. +1 Thanks!

    Lucki was The Seller

  4. Hokage left Positive feedback   

    sold him 300k cannonballs

    Lucki was The Buyer

  5. Santonio left Positive feedback   

    Sold him some C Balls / Nice person / +1

    Lucki was The Buyer

  6. Master Chief left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 71m great guy, and easy to work with.

    Lucki was The Seller

  7. Turkoize left Positive feedback   

    Sold user 96m easy via PP thanks mate.

    Lucki was The Buyer

  8. gearing left Positive feedback   

    Sold 07 he went first, thank you mate! +1

    Lucki was The Buyer

  9. Dfewsloc left Positive feedback   

    done 55 wc 60 mining and 61 crafting + Lunar diplomacy

    Lucki was The Seller

  10. Dfewsloc left Positive feedback   

    Done 6 quest for him +RFD +1

    Lucki was The Seller

  11. YungG left Negative feedback   

    Scammed $175 BTC. Gave false info about acc I bought off him and refused to send it back

    Lucki was The Seller

  12. Dfewsloc left Positive feedback   

    Did 30+ quest for him and some skilling Cool guy :D

    Lucki was The Seller

  13. Zorble left Positive feedback   

    Did some levels and Quests for him Thanks

    Lucki was Trading

  14. Volta left Positive feedback   

    Sold a bond, thanks

    Lucki was The Buyer

  15. Zorble left Positive feedback   

    Completed couple quests for him, Paid me after thanks :D

    Lucki was The Buyer

  16. Hokage left Positive feedback   

    Sold this sweetie 125k cannonballs, quick and easy :)

    Lucki was The Buyer

  17. Phaibooty left Positive feedback   

    sold some cb for 201 ea quick and ez

    Lucki was The Buyer

  18. TWC left Positive feedback   

    SOld 70million coin pieces

    Lucki was The Buyer

  19. Aaron left Positive feedback   

    Did 87-90 Strength - other service

    Lucki was The Seller

  20. Aaron left Positive feedback   

    Did 45-87 Strength for him

    Lucki was The Seller

  21. Smuggz left Positive feedback   

    Completed fighter torso for him for 8m, great guy to trade with

    Lucki was The Buyer

  22. Volta left Positive feedback   

    Sold 10m thx

    Lucki was The Buyer

  23. Loc30s left Positive feedback   

    Did fremmy trials + heroes quest for him. Thanks fam

    Lucki was The Buyer

  24. Mercurya left Positive feedback   

    Sold lucki 7M RSGP, fast and easy. Good guy.

    Lucki was The Seller

  25. ArsiDAA left Positive feedback   

    Did some questing for him, nice guy ++

    Lucki was The Buyer

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