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iSkill4U Returns... They can't stop me...

OG Botter

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Hey Hey all,


Hope you didn't miss me too much rolleyes.gif  


.. Not sure if any of y'all remember me from a few months back, well I had to move home all suddenly so kinda vanished lol facep.gif was a nightmare but I'm settled, ready to come back, stay and get back to where I left off. 


Look forward to getting reacquainted with some of you & meeting new.






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Not being rude but your sig is awfully blurry it's like a blind person made it? And welcome!


Not really sure what you're talking about, look's fine to me.. Maybe I'm blind and I don't know. Gonna update it all soon anyway.





Feel's good to be back, only OSBot gives such a warm welcome back :)

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