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Tofi's Feedback

  1. bigdicky left Positive feedback   

    Cheap, good communication A********

    Tofi was The Seller

  2. lepurc left Positive feedback   

    Done quest quick and went first.

    Tofi was The Seller

  3. Charlie_Sysm left Positive feedback   

    I mm'd for him and another guy, recommend ++

    Tofi was Trading

  4. scrubkin2013 left Positive feedback   

    smooth account trade - good guy - would do business again

    Tofi was The Seller

  5. z1ll3r left Positive feedback   

    got me rogues gloves fast and nice, thank you a lot :) A+++

    Tofi was The Seller

  6. TzTok Jad left Positive feedback   

    New memebers did some quests for me, he went first A+

    Tofi was The Seller

  7. Influx left Positive feedback   

    Solid member of osbot, good guy to trade with :)

    Tofi was The Buyer

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