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  1. Hey, can you add my skype, live:ggmate123211


  2. Ma hero. hope to be like u one day

  3. Got quite a lot of services need doing so definitely hiring, deposit is also discussable
  4. Will be completing some hunter later today when I'm free for swagler
  5. Oh dang. Get that 99 thieving and you'll have someone buy this instantly as a starter
  6. Buying gold for bank transfer, can do instant payment to UK and not sure if it's instant in Europe, my PayPal is limited at the moment due to service query, I'm currently on my phone but will be online shortly. Post price and Skype.
  7. Yeah man, I'll be home shortly and can update you over Skype and will add to thread. Although I might only have 1 in stock currently unless the buyer who wanted returns otherwise they're all sold and would have to order custom since ninja ordered one off me and wanted it levelling higher
  8. Add my Skype: Elijahmichaels@outlook.com there are issues with the servers but we can get this done.
  9. Pogba

    Day 6

    I don't know but I feel like I've been rapping for years with this throat
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