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  1. Roughly around $100, needs more quests and total overall though it has some 99's.
  2. Add my discord : O.G Botter#4994
  3. Would love to see some pictures to give a decent estimate .
  4. I find if you have some early payment info like transaction ID that will help a lot.
  5. LOL I like cartman though !
  6. Damn brother it's like they was waiting for that 99 then hit ban , maybe try more breaks.
  7. Always someone working to improve what we love... happy days look forward to it
  8. Everywhere has street corners.
  9. A little off-topic but is there many people who do private scripts here?
  10. Street corners do pretty well. Been there myself a few times - ahahahaha
  11. Sounds like a great addition to OSB scripts - look forward to it.
  12. Thank the good lord for jarfix !
  13. What is your discord or add mine O.G Botter#4994
  14. How much you offering and is it osrs gp ?
  15. Ahh great stuff then thank you for making for us!
  16. Wow, great stuff but can it be trusted people ? I'm not scripter nor know anything about the art but so if someone could give me their profesional opinion ?
  17. I believe using a seperate client for different IP's is required.
  18. If they catch you again will likely be perm. They seem to be cracking down on RWT.
  19. Welcome to scripters heaven!
  20. Love to see new updates - Keep them coming
  21. I'd agree with Ryan... So in osrs gp that would be about 45M'ish
  22. Nice to see new members coming in - Big Welcome!
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