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  1. Roughly around $100, needs more quests and total overall though it has some 99's.
  2. Add my discord : O.G Botter#4994
  3. Would love to see some pictures to give a decent estimate .
  4. I find if you have some early payment info like transaction ID that will help a lot.
  5. LOL I like cartman though !
  6. Damn brother it's like they was waiting for that 99 then hit ban , maybe try more breaks.
  7. Always someone working to improve what we love... happy days look forward to it
  8. Everywhere has street corners.
  9. A little off-topic but is there many people who do private scripts here?
  10. Street corners do pretty well. Been there myself a few times - ahahahaha
  11. Sounds like a great addition to OSB scripts - look forward to it.
  12. Thank the good lord for jarfix !
  13. What is your discord or add mine O.G Botter#4994
  14. How much you offering and is it osrs gp ?
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