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Pogba's Feedback

  1. Nurvael left Negative feedback   

    Scammed me for main 200m.

    Pogba was The Seller

  2. Airborneaus left Negative feedback   

    scammed 49m for service

    Pogba was The Seller

  3. Airborneaus left Positive feedback   

    sold me 20m like a boss

    Pogba was The Seller

  4. Arjen left Positive feedback   

    bought a 707070 acc from him. ty bud

    Pogba was The Seller

  5. burnmeh left Positive feedback   

    Bought an account from me, I went first, all good A++ Thanks a lot ^_^

    Pogba was The Buyer

  6. dalsey left Positive feedback   

    Did some work on a fresh HCIM for him, great guy. Pleasure to work with and 100% will do more work for <3

    Pogba was Trading

  7. Lord Charlie left Positive feedback   

    Sold him gold! , easy trade Thank you

    Pogba was The Buyer

  8. mhmd21 left Positive feedback   

    Got him some ranged levels! Thanks a lot bro.

    Pogba was The Buyer

  9. AdnaneSen left Positive feedback   

    Did bunch of quests ty

    Pogba was The Buyer

  10. Kim left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 70/72/70 acc for 10M, ezpz, Thanks +1

    Pogba was The Buyer

  11. Kim left Positive feedback   

    Sold me sig space , Thanks +1

    Pogba was The Seller

  12. gearing left Positive feedback   

    Did MM & UP on his ironman, looking forward to get that quest cape for you m80.

    Pogba was The Buyer

  13. mhmd21 left Positive feedback   

    Got him dragon bones to level prayer. thanks a lot mate <3

    Pogba was The Buyer

  14. mhmd21 left Positive feedback   

    got him 60/60/60. really chill and awesome guy. thanks a lot mate. El Hadary carried us. xD

    Pogba was The Seller

  15. gamedemented left Positive feedback   

    Extremely understanding of situations that may arise and overall accepting & funny guy.

    Pogba was The Buyer

  16. AdnaneSen left Positive feedback   

    Best person I have ever did service for. Understands you problems friendly and funny ++++

    Pogba was The Buyer

  17. Lord Charlie left Positive feedback   

    done Bgloves service for me, Will use again! Thanks

    Pogba was The Seller

  18. jakeechristopher left Positive feedback   

    Complete a whole Quest Service, I went first paid upfront ! A++ using again asap

    Pogba was The Seller

  19. vakaris41 left Positive feedback   

    Completed a quest for him. He was really polite and a nice human being.

    Pogba was The Buyer

  20. AdnaneSen left Positive feedback   

    Did quest for him friendly guy

    Pogba was The Buyer

  21. Void left Positive feedback   

    Sold 100x accounts :) - went first and quick and easy A*

    Pogba was The Seller

  22. Lord Charlie left Positive feedback   

    Brought gold from him, very good trade!

    Pogba was The Seller

  23. kazemaru left Positive feedback   

    sold him miner account he went first A++

    Pogba was The Buyer

  24. Realist left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for selling us RSGP ! www.RealistGold.com [=

    Pogba was The Seller

  25. Alch left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for selling us gold once more Elijah :)

    Pogba was The Seller

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