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  1. Any update on the muling support?
  2. Yo Is there muling support added in any of your scripts? I remember asking a few months ago. Let me know please
  3. Is there muling support added in any of your scripts? I remember asking a few months ago. Let me know please
  4. Good luck everyone ps: I hope I win and not everyone
  5. Possibility for muling support please?
  6. Damn, too bad. I see almost none of OSbots moneymaking scripts has muling support, would definitely increase the script imo
  7. Could you add muling support?
  8. Can I get a trial please?
  9. Trying to kill imps and loot them and bank it. But there is only 1 imp with a respawn rate of like 30 seconds, when the imp isn't respawned yet the script's webwalker goes crazy and starts running to weird places and breaks. Can you add an option to just wait on a tile for the imp to respawn or something? Also I don't need food for imps and when it loots the loot I selected, it instantly runs to the bank to depost all instead of waiting for full loot inventory like I selected? Let me know if you can fix this or require more info please :D!
  10. This is awesome! A suggestion though: Make it bank the gp after it bought supplies and withdraw it only when needing to buy?
  11. Uhm I don't really know, maybe 2 seconds if that isn't too fast. Or randomized 2-4 seconds? I can't easily test it so I can't really see what a good value would be, unless you could make a textbox where I can type my own delay into?
  12. Respond to my Perfect Fletcher bug-reports please. I've been waiting more than a week now...
  13. Hey there, is the fix approved yet by any chance?
  14. Still not fixed..................... I've been waiting almost a week now, why are you ignoring me? @Czar
  15. How much would a 99 fletching osrs account be?
  16. Still waiting, could you please let me know anything? The problem: When making headless arrows, it waits a very long time before clicking the feathers/arrow shafts. I can see the action timer getting reset to 12 everytime it fletches a new set and then when it finished the 10th set it waits 12 seconds again before making another 10 sets. Could you fix this please? Please check my posts in this thread, been waiting kinda long for a reply now.
  17. Thanks again for the quick reply! Please quote me again when it's up, so I can test it again :D!
  18. For me doing headless arrows, it does 1 set of 10 and then stops for a long time before clicking again?
  19. Could you fix this please? @Czar
  20. No problem, thanks for the quick response! Can you quote me again once it's fixed + new trial is given? Thanks in advance!
  21. Freezes the whole OSBot client when I try to fletch all headless arrows?
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