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  1. Penance Skirt 23M Ranger Hat 10M Void 40k per point | [1250 needed] -> 50M Farming outift 50M; seedbox + herbsack 50M 50-70 range -> 17M 60-65 attack -> 4.7m 60-65 strength -> 4.7m Sub-total = 209.4M Can do all for 203M
  2. Account Stats: Total Wealth: N/A Quests Completed: N/A Starting Bids @ $35 or OSRS Equivalent Auto Win: $60 or OSRS Equivalent Trading Conditions: You go first Payment Options: Account Status: Original Owner I am Original Owner, registered email will be transferred to yours upon purchase.
  3. Feel free to get in touch. Am sure we can arrange something.
  4. NMZ (w/o supplies) is around 160m for the strength, and 151m for the ranged. As for supplies, depends what range route you'd want to take, and if you'd want to use absorbs or not. Think you have my discord, if not it's in my signature
  5. We're preparing to have some stock of these in the near future, as well as a whole array of new money making accounts/alts. Keep an eye out; we're also re-doing pricing for all Money Making alts.
  6. Mourning's Ends Part II Above 70 - 15M Mourning's Ends Part II Below 70 - 25M Song of the elves - 20M
  7. Hi, Just wondering what this would be worth:
  8. Hey there We can certainly do this for you. Feel free to join our server and ask for a quote! Our prices are publicly available, but every customer is different. Hope to see you soon!
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