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  1. onyx420

    Ban Date

    Banned on the 8th on a main of mine. got greedy using projects hunter AIO. 15+ hours uninterrupted suicide run. Ended just how you think it would.
  2. onyx420

    Molly's Thiever

    Not gonna lie, I’ve tried using this script for the past 10 minutes and this script is not in my top 10. Constantly logs me out, for no reason, AND THIS GOES FOR ALL OPTIONS THUS FAR. will retry when I hit 38 thieve for master farmers, but until then... you’re getting a. 1/5 man. I’m sorry. 6.00 for a bot that force logs out for no reason. Thank you.
  3. Can I have a trial of this script?
  4. onyx420

    Stealth Quester

    Was worth the ask. Have a good day!
  5. onyx420

    Stealth Quester

    Is there anyway possible to acquire a free trial of this script? Whether it’s one free quest or 1 hour. would like to test before I spend 25.00 on something..
  6. May I get a trial of this script? also, mind replying once given so I know? thank you man!
  7. Everyday is my birthday. 🎇

  8. Can I have a trial for this script? Wanna test functionality before purchasing
  9. I hate to be that guy, but I’ve been banned using this script in the past. Works well if you run in hour long increments
  10. Don’t know exact prices right now, but you’ll always get more if you sell it yourself. websites like (ex. gold4rs) sell at... say.... .78 cents a mil And buy at say... .64 cents a mil. dont cut yourself short by selling to websites. Sell it yourself through playerauctions or sythe
  11. Hopeful to see more in the future !
  12. Just run the free quester in script haven. 9 qp - and if I’m not mistaken, lifts the new player crap
  13. This is my schedule . (MON - THURS) I work till 5. teamviewer my PC so I can setup bot to start running at 4:00ish. break after one hour of hitting i get home, sign in, Play for 15-30 minutes by hand , Then switch back to using the bot. usually can get away with 4-5 hours with 2-3 breaks during the week. on the weekends though (FRI - SUN) Friday I go hard. Hitting 2 or just under consecutive hours botted with. 1 1/2 breaks every so often. can manage to stay up later because <schedule looks like I work full time> with weekends off. (just as tonight, I ran my bot all night doing hunter, switching it up to agility at times. 2-3 breaks for the entire night.. (Saturday) — toned down version of Friday.. less intensive on botting without breaks , and overall longer break timeS. it’s worked thus far, I’ve had one ban In the last month. Got greeedy with my playtime and it lead to a macro ban /: Happy Botting!
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