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  1. Cheers for the input guys!
  2. Hey guys, just an inquiry really. Anyone here use a mobile IDE for developing their scripts? I got the galaxy zfold 2, and it would be awesome to code on the go, but the IDEs from the appstore are all pretty bad that I've found so far. Anyone use a mobile IDE at all? Cheers guys
  3. Hey dude! One improvement. When the bank is open now, you can fill the coal bag up straight away without having to close the bank, making the process more efficient Think you could add this in? Cheers dude!
  4. Would it be as simple as (I know the syntax isn't right, just typing quick) : NPC turael = Npcs.getclosest("Turael") NPC crawlingHands = Npcs.getclosest("Crawling hand") if(Turael.interact("Assignment")){ if(getdialogue.contains("Crawling hand")){ task = crawlingHands } } Thank you in advance btw
  5. so, 2 things i've noticed. It seems to get caught in a loop where it teles to castlewars, then straight to the woodcutting guild again, walks back to the dungeon, and teles back to castle wars? I'm on MM so will hop worlds and test again. secondly, why does it go to castle wars and not ferox enclave, where it could restore hp, prayer, and stamina? Thank you man
  6. Hey dude, the "I'm autocasting the above spell" seems to have broken, as even though I have it selected, it keeps manually clicking and casting the spell each time. Also, can I request that you also add target goals for Ranged, and Magic? that would make the script much better, as most people tend to aim for a level when training, and its driving my ocd mad on my farm xD As always man, I highly recommend this script!
  7. Ahh, okay. But the monitor doesn't need to be on though, yeah? If i turn a monitor off when using osbot it also messes it up it seems
  8. So I have a desktop that doesn't have a monitor connected, and it runs osbot but never actually displays anything apart from the blank first menu asking for your login details. (All of the fields are missing my the way.) Is there any way to fix this issue?
  9. Was waiting for this to be released. Got a few progs of different sessions.
  10. So to start with, here is me getting the dynamic skill level: public int currentHP(int currentHealth){ currentHealth = getSkills().getDynamic(Skill.forName("HITPOINTS")); return currentHealth; } int currentHealth = 0; This is me creating a loop while it is webwalking so that it eats when health is 6 or below: else if(downLadder.contains(myPlayer()) && !getInventory().isFull()){ getWalking().webWalk(safeSpot); while(getWalking().webWalk(safeSpot)){ if(currentHP(currentHealth) >= 6 && getInventory().co
  11. So I want to essentially make a check for whether the player is training attack, strength, or defence, so that my script can activate with widgets to change the attack style. I've tried to check whether the style is visible or not, but that always returns true if the combat options screen is showing, and false if not, so it doesn't actually check if "Lunge" is selected or not. I looked into configs in the api, but can't find anything. Any Ideas? Cheers guys
  12. for osbot, would I use one class to control the script, and use the onLoop methods from the other classes?
  13. I already own script factory, I'm trying to start writing my own scripts properly. Just wondering if what I asked was possible, that's all
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