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  1. hey i was wondering if you could possibly update the pineapple script, my account continue to keep dying by the spiders/snakes, could you modify the logout session to occur around the docks? and possible adding an eat/slice option for the pineapple? and a stamina potion option as well?

  2. I remember I had a bot for tuna potatoes, was making like 700k an hour. Not sure if those are still used for pvp anymore. Couldn't ever run it for more than like 2 hours, because sweetcorn was so limited on the ge.
  3. Cant send you a DM. the fishing trawler bot isnt working 

  4. Hey, I'm very interested in mouse movement in terms of bot flagging. This old thread uses classes not exposed anymore to the osbot client, will the possibility to design custom mouse movement ever be added back?
  5. Made a none pvp world script. Uses duel rings and house teleports. This method is only 200-250k/hr now though
  6. Thanks, download link now actually is for the pineapple script uploaded my crazy archaeologist script prior.
  7. yo for the pineapple buying bot you uploaded, it's a completely different bot, it's showing up as this: http://prntscr.com/nadj1i

    so if you can send me the actual pineapple bot, it would be much appreciated 

    1. Chase



      updating the thread now

  8. Lol i don't see that on my screen, i was trying to upload it and it kept not showing up. Ill see if i can fix
  9. 5gp per pineapple, so as many as you'd like. 10k should get you through an hour. Be aware I haven't added stop on no coins yet, I'm lazy and had this lying around in my projects folder
  10. QuickPineapples 200-250k/hr P2P Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/22adj9tnstaljy3/quickpineapples.jar?dl=0 How to Use Start at Brimhaven Dock with coins. Method (First Half Of Video) TODO Stop When Out of Coins Support for Stamina Potions (Maybe? Don't see much use for this) Proggies
  11. Hmmm, the only reason I find this concerning is because if I was managing a game and the account was registered in say Florida then logged in on California this would be an easy red flag.
  12. Hello, I have returned from an extended hiatus due to a challenging school semester. The good news is, I'll be graduating with my degree in computer science this coming May! I developed this bot on my main, and no longer feel comfortable developing it with said account because of the attention this method has now received after release. I am looking for users to loan me playable accounts that have the requirements to use this method. Please pm if you have [an] available account(s) with logs, gold, house, and teleports ready. Additionally, I will be using accounts only to develo
  13. While I have no empirical evidence that confirming an email reduces bans, It can't hurt. But, I can weigh in on the account lock outs. I believe this occurs because you register the account on one ip address and bot on another. Try using the same proxy when registering the account as well.
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