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  1. Man you baffle me i was curious you take shit way to literal dumb ass.
  2. I wonder how much he has lost im assuming his accounts would be banned etc.
  3. Imo its all just luck i've done two 1b trades where i sold 1b all at once two different times and i never got banned, but my friend once sold 500m and he got perm banned so i'd just do it safe and do smaller trades or trade it to a mule and then do it from that account.
  4. send nuds and ill send you my noots.
  5. Ahh noticed i cant say it here wonder why but yeah is that client even legit? never used it before.
  6. RuneLitePlus is now called OpenOSRS.
  7. Normally don't really play but last few days my friend asked me to help him bait people so been doing that with him for fun made 37m yesterday so wasn't too bad.
  8. Best i've done was 2 bans third ban was perm tho rip.
  9. Good post typically its good to have your script prepare for any situation.
  10. What do the bots get from lms mode doing this? i've never played
  11. Yeah suppose that makes sense ill prob just look into it a little more.
  12. In your opinion is a farm worth it?, i've been debating making one for a little while now but just not sure if its worth it in the end.
  13. Interesting never really thought about having a script use discord nice tutorial.
  14. Ah alright yeah never done this with anyone but didn't notice it so figured i'd say
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