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  1. pretty sure he de-ironed and gave to a friend, that's what he told me at least.
  2. Is it still for sale? Can't message you
  3. Title says it, drop prices or info
  4. Need regicide done on 4 accounts, post prices and ETA.
  5. Need to start some new accounts and I'm 60m short atm for supplies. Payment is paypal balance. discord: packthebowl#6852
  6. looking for paypal, drop rates or pm me. Must have a decent amount of vouches
  7. buying zulrah ready accounts, can be mage only or mage/range. Must have ava's if mage/range. lmk what you have
  8. 500m 07 for paypal, drop rates or pm me.
  9. title says it, drop rates below or pm me
  10. bump, selling 1-3B a week. Drop rates or pm me
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