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  1. My apologies, sand crabs.
  2. Can I get a Trial for Rooftop Agility and Crabs please? Thanks
  3. Techie

    Stealth Quester

    The Client of Kourend quest will need to be updated for the hosidius rework Also for The Depths of Despair quest needs to be reworked
  4. I got my chaos ele pet from Chaos fanatic at 11kc.
  5. I botted rock crabs initially due to the account being an obby mauler at the start and got a nice ol' 2 day banned. Other then that it's been legit.
  6. High chance of you losing the account. If you want an account, don't bot on it.
  7. Not looking to sell just curious. Untradeables 1: Untradeables 2: NMZ: Kourend Favour: Quests: Stats:
  8. When you think you got there on time . Got Jebaited .
  9. The account is gone. Check back in 2 years and maybe it'll be quashed. Happened with an old account of mine.
  10. Damn bro sounds great but sounds like a lot of effort. Congratz on getting to the halfway point. I would have quit at like 500/10,000
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