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  1. I hope karma gets you, i refunded you PP for what u paid and im legit trying to refund you of items u had on the acc but u still being a dick.
  2. Wheres the proof of payment? show us YOUR PAYMENT then. FULL LOG btw
  3. https://gyazo.com/3c8cc6a5b456b9f4af92b7195184cc87 THAT KID ALREADY SAID THAT. OR U JUST CANT READ ? I deleted my PP yesterday but ima call them to send me it via Email then i can show YOU that I refunded him. About items, just ask him for a proof of items on it then i can refund too.
  4. I refunded you the payment of PayPal yes! and Ima refund you if you provide us evidence of what u had on the account. note: send ur paypal feed here then if you telling the truth.
  5. He said the account has been recovered, but i am the original owner and this not happened, not by my part. Before even he opened this dispute i refunded him (till i take the account back, as he says it got recovered). DUNNO BY WHO. Ask him for his PAYPAL feed and see the refund i did, another thing, ask him for evidence of items inside the account then i can refund too! Thx BMW
  6. @gearing u wanted 500m, take this matey.
  7. Fuck this guy he wanted me to send him my personal job (irl) password. I’m not in home atm but I will provide evidence soon! as he said, Brazilian embassy.. that’s Gov envolved how can I send him that email? Even after that I said nty sorry! Ask this stupid the full convo in discord!
  8. @gearing for cheap prices and fast service.
  9. I have more nice accounts for good prices. And yeah can be tested.
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