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  1. Buying 100m osgp, PP or cashapp. @ .62 per mil. Will go first it you are trusted. PM me and we can talk elsewhere. I will pay fee of course.
  2. Greetings all OSBOT artists, I'm interested in purchasing a logo for a class project. We have the idea but we need a graphic artist to facilitate it for us. The idea is to have an environmental earth logo but instead of just hands holding the earth it will be hands with middle fingers pointing either forwards or somewhat to the side. Attached are some images that could be photoshopped into what we are wanting. Please PM me if you interested, or post here. Can pay in OSRS GP or just paypal.
  3. Title says all, pm or add on Skype: Switzzz Paypal
  4. Ended up just buying it, had solid enough reviews.
  5. Can I trail this please @Tom?
  6. Word ya I'll do those 3 + the ava quests then train the rest. and then alter big bones or something until 31 prayer ty
  7. Mage = 60 splashed Hitpoints = 84 Defense = 1 I'm also considering doing the animal magnetism quests to get avas
  8. I'm interested in turning my f2p 1 def pure into a gmaul but I want to quest 40 - 50 attack. It currently has 1-40 attack quested (Death Plateau, tree gnome village, Fight arena, and waterfall quest done). Also it is at 13 prayer which is not quested but I'm willing to go up prayer a little. My question is what quests should I do to get to 50 and what where would that take my prayer? Or if the account already has 90 str and 87 range, is it even worth it to quest it? Should I just train it?
  9. Bump, have 130m willing to do .68ea paypal to someone trusted
  10. At title says, selling 100m ($.70ea), all at once. PP balance preferred and only trusted members. Willing to go first for someone trusted. Pm or skype Skype =Switzzz
  11. Proxies can be somewhat useless for goldfarming and suicide botting. You'll catch the ban either way is what I think he means. On the other hand if your home IP is already flagged using a fresh proxy could help you bot on an account that you actually might want to keep. Just don't bot more than 4-6 hours straight, and if you do bot more than that in one day take some good breaks in between. I've had accounts last months, and when it does finally gets banned...having used a proxy will help you recover it and get it quashed. oh and as far as bots pre proxy use 1 or 2 accounts per proxy if you are not suiciding. If you are then it doesn't really matter
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