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  1. Hey , I can get this done for you 180m, hand done Time frame will depend on how many i can get a day so no estimate at the moment
  2. Hey, this looks easy enough , i can do it for 6m per account lmk Discord Unique ID: 151410098546147328 Discord Username: JFire99#9375
  3. Hey Boss, My reason as to why you should pick me as the winner for the 1 year vip is simple you have a great community and i am glad to be a part of it , the mods are cool , everyone is helpful on the threads and the scripts in the store are amazing. I have purchased alot of scripts an the scripters are helpful and offer free trials which i have used and then ended up buying the scripts. Even want to invest in the life time sponsor lol but just keep ending up buying the VIP. the 1 year will save me money and at the end of that 1 year if i were to win 100% i would buy the sponsor. Also if i were to win i would keep on using the scripts on a day to day basis an even buy more scripts. Just missing a few of the good scripts but i will eventually get. Thank you for reading my reason and goodluck to everyone entering am sure someone will win who deserves it , PS Mods have a cool glow to their name hopefully one of them can win who knows
  4. ive noticed it to mate , 1 account still going strong. But yh ive had multiple accounts banned. Some people are still botting and account is still alive. Best advise just change up the activity , bot 1 skill then break bot another skill an so on. if u keep botting 1 particular skill its just gg
  5. league of legends
  6. jfire99

    Stealth Quester

    I bought this script tried a few quests 10/10
  7. Hey can i get a trial before i purchase please Thanks
  8. jfire99

    Perfect Thiever

    99 thieving done Thanks Czar 10/10 script
  9. can i get a trial for this please wanna test it out
  10. Thanks to this script got my mining pet Best Mining Script !!!!
  11. can i also get a trial for this script please
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