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  1. 35m mith gloves 200m 1-99 range 230m 1-99 str 2m 1-43 pray 105m 1-94 mage 1-50 att free for the bundle Price 570m Supply cost will vary depending on methods and how fast needs to be done. Discounts can be included for ordering this big lot. If needing DT will cost additional.
  2. Can make this from scratch. This way you can ensure to have something created on your home IP/ Original owner.
  3. Account one : 25-30$ max melee fresh cost around 50-60$ from low priced service account 2 : 70-80$ account 3 : 50-65$
  4. Can make these for you or I have a pre made one with 99 99 99
  5. Looking to hire someone chasing feedback which results in lower price Fresh hcim to wt ready and 70 fm 1-70 fish 1-70 agility 30-70 thieving 1-83 hunter 1-70 mining possible 1-77 rc
  6. hey bro can I add you on discord?  bhazero025#2011

    your pms are off

  7. i can chin at 15gp/xp quest 20m
  8. I have some free time this weekend can knock out
  9. ds2/mm2 and enlight journey ,legends, dream mentor, tail of two cats, bone voyage, client of kourend, eye of gloph, morning end 1 + 2 and the feud via parsec
  10. Discord Have a few or can make some from scratch.
  11. Have many tasks needed done via parsec FM thieving hunter rc ds2 / mm2
  12. if still need can do pm discord
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