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  1. Hey Our normal listed zulrah price is 300k/kill, for irons w/o bp/trident it's 500k/kill. Bulk prices wouldn't really start until about 250+ kills and for that we can do for 425k/kill, -15%. Also no need for the incentives on drops can pm me on here or on discord if interested. Info in sig.
  2. hey whats the att/str? melee + range is the fastest to use as you wanna prioritize that when/if you can. Would also need to know if you have rigour/augury/piety. Assuming 90+ att/str would be fine with your $1/kill crypto. If less than those stats (75 att/90+ str i'm assuming you may have) would be $1.25/kill crypto. If we're sticking with only mage and range the entire time would be $1.50/kill. These stats are all assuming you have rigor/augury/piety. Would be significantly more expensive w/o those unfortunately . Can pm me on here or add me on discord if you want to discuss anything further. Also i would be doing this myself, no workers or anything. And no need for that $25 bonus on the seed drop
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