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  1. Hi, Sorry I didn't realise you activated the trial. Could you please reactivate it?
  2. I tried this a long time ago and it seemed really confusing to me. If you can offer me another trial on the regular script without expansion I would like to test it out to see what I can do and if it's worth purchasing.
  3. Yeah... Let's be ignorant and blame it on others for not knowing how to do something. Get off the internet.
  4. caesar78

    Stealth NMZ

    Can I get a trail mate
  5. Can this script work at tithe farm?
  6. Could you add crafting cape for banking and ardy cape for fairy ring?
  7. Bot logs in deposits everything in inventory then logs out?
  8. Can I test this for 24hours?
  9. I would say if you were botting fishing, it's more likely someone asked you a question and maybe they reported you. Or it could be the mouse movement with the bot you used or just how the bot reacts. Or you could have been botting in a hot spot known to jagex.
  10. Can I get a trial for this?
  11. No I don't I was using earth runes for teleporting.
  12. The astral runecrafting banking is not working, it keep opening and closing interface.
  13. Can I get a trail on this please?
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