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  1. when i try to download osrs on bluestackts it says device not compatible . how do you guys get osrs to download? its very slow too.
  2. is virtual machine the only way?. do you guys know any other method?
  3. is it true that the scripts in osbot have no mouse delays in their "clicks". Meaning that the mouse clicks is happening immediately, not like human mouse which happens in steps like: "leftbuttondown, 100ms delay, leftbuttonup" which is 1 click. "click" happens immediently with no delays, in 0ms.
  4. if i want to autoclick and still be able to use my computer without turning autoclick off. is it possible to somehow have 2 windows on 1 computer with 2 different mouse cursors, one on each window. one for the autoclick and the other for work related stuffs.
  5. @Gunman The autoclicker i used had just click every x millisecond. I also used another one that had click every x-y milliseconds randomly. For example, click every 2500-3000ms. I used the autoclickers after i had received 2 day bans. And used them at least 12-20hours a day. And had no bans. I used it in populated areas near banks. Maybe it's just luck, or maybe it's the client / script. The autoclickers i used on original osrs client. Then one i used didn't also have option for holding the mouse clicks like real human mouse click.
  6. osbot337


    does it have a delay on the clicks? does it just click or is it like "leftbuttondown" "50ms delay" "leftbuttonup". in another post some guy said that jagex checks for delays between the clicks. most autocllickers clicks with 0ms delay. human mouse movement use delay of anything around 50-200ms. from the time pressing the mouse to releasing the mouse button.
  7. i honestly dont think it was delay ban from alching. i have got banned using some scripts in osbot, but never been banned for using autoclicking. i autoclicked nonstop. i wonder why they the ban rate on autoclick is lower even though people run them for 20+hours. is it because the client is not osbot? the other thing is that autoclicks dont have any delay between clicks, it clicks immediately. whereas a human mouse would press the leftbutton and have a short delay like 50ms and the release the leftbutton.
  8. This is what i found when checked my mouse coordinates. Before i clicked my mouse is on runelite client on position x=3458 y=124 When i click on that exact location, its shows in the mouse recorder that i clicked on x=154 y=781. Just some random number way of where i originally clicked. How come?
  9. i used another mouse recorder called axife, and it worked very good no problems whatsoever. but its unregistered so i cant repeat steps in a loop more than 10 times i think. dont know why jitbit dont work, when other claimed that it works very good.
  10. yes, does it make a difference? havnt tried mouse recording on vanilla client. if i have it to click certain x and y coordinate it does click the right position. but when i record the mouse, it clicks way off where i originally clicked.
  11. 5mins - 10mins. Even shorter ones dont work properly. But its only on osrs. It works fine on desktop or browser. When im trying it on runelite, it clicks way of where i originally clicked.
  12. its only when i click that the mouse moves somewhere else. why is it so? if i hover mouse over inventory its stays there, when i click it the mouse moves somewhere else and clicks
  13. When i use jitbit macro recorder, its works perfect. when i use it on runelite the mouse moves in weird places in the corners. why? how can i fix that.
  14. osbot337


    Could you possible fix the "dismiss random event". Otherwise our character just stalls and logs out, for being afk too long time
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