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luckiest guy in runescape?


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The odds of this happening are 1/20,475,000, if you want to do the same as @Maldesto 
You will thus on average need to kill ~41m corps a day. Taking some information from chuckle's thread with 12 accounts it takes around 80 seconds for a kill with the respawn timer factored in. That means in 1 world in 1 day you could kill 1080 corps per world per day
There are currently 53 p2p non-DD/PvP worlds in which one could kill corp, which means you could kill 53x1080 = 57240 corps per day, which would mean you're around
40892760 corperal beasts short per day. A regular year has 365 days which means Maldesto is 14925857400 kills per year short of doing this drop twice a day.
If you add all these numbers up seperately (1+4+9+2+5+8+5+7+4+0+0) one would get 45. Maldesto at the time of this post has 11269 posts, adding those numers up seperately = 19.
11269 / 10k = 1,1269.


(if rounding up) 49/19 * 1,1269 = 3.


Illuminati confirmed. 

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