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[Stable Build] OSBot 2.3.84 - Small Patch and QoL


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This update seeks to patch various inventory/equipment visibility issues during InteractionEvent when other interfaces are currently open (Bank, Poll Booth, Equipment Stats, etc). A good chunk of scripts should be making "smarter" decisions in various tasks such as depositing and withdrawing items from a bank. In addition the memory allocation setting has been removed from the booter and moved to a command line argument. This setting was not being properly set (or left as "0 for default") resulting in a ton of issues. For advanced users, you can set the memory allocation as the first argument (java -jar jar <allocation>).





-Removed MouseDestination preConditionalLoops
-Updated InventorySlotDestination isVisible()
-Updated EquipmentSlotDestination isVisible()

-Updated InteractionEvent visibility checks of Inventory/Equipment



-Updated AdvertisementOverlay close button
-Removed memory tracker from main client interface

-Added command line argument, first argument sets allocation



-Fixed GUI issue from 2.3.83 


Have a great weekend

-The OSBot Staff

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