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My Resignation


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Dear community,


Some of you may have noticed that my activity has recently dropped a lot.

The reason for this are possibilities I current have in real life like a good job and my girlfriend or to say it better, my future!


I can’t serve the osbot community well anymore due to my leak of activity which is current very low because of real life stuff (in a positive way)


I would like to make one thing clear,

This is in no way a goodbye, it is just the announcement that I resign as Moderator to make space for someone new, someone who has enough time to put the best into his position.


Thank you for the great time to the whole staff team and also some of the current ex staff Members who were Moderators too at the time I was. You are all doing a great job, specially @Dex!  The whole osbot community can be glad to have such great moderators and @Maldesto as Administrator.


All the best,




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