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OSBot 2.3.69 - More mouse improvements + Auto-Login

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This update is to try and bring mouse movements and interactions closer to near flawlessness. There are a few modifications I need to make, but this is definitely a great start in the right direction. The most noticeable change is interactions with large objects such as trees, dragons, etc. Additionally by popular request, the connection error from Auto-Login response code is now on a cycle. The event will take multiple fails before giving up instead of ending on the first attempt. Please expect another release either this weekend or early next week for World hopping and World instant-hopping. Please thank @Zach for his continued support.



-Added GraphicUtilities method getSuitablePointFor(Bot bot, int gridX, int gridY, int z, Model model)
-Updated MoveMouseEvent to utilize new suitable point method
--Patches a variety of issues specifically with large models such as trees and dragons
-Removed multiple move attempts from MoveMouseEvent
-Improved MoveMouseEvent movement algorithm
--Patches divide by zero error as well
-AutoLogin connection response code error runs on cycles instead of instant failure
-Reverted inventory changes from 2.3.68
-Updated LogoutTab logout() to account for World Switcher being open
-Added LogoutTab method worldSwitch()
-Updated OSBot updater
Happy Botting
-The OSBot Staff
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