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  1. Fisk4rn

    Fruity NMZ

    What I think he is looking for is a option to break after X dreams. A feature I have also missed.
  2. Fisk4rn

    Fruity NMZ

    Why does the script eat the rock cake before it enters the dream? It just seems odd and like a unusual pattern that could be spotted.
  3. Fisk4rn

    Fruity NMZ

    I was standing in the center and I did try both with and without prayers and they prayers seemed to work fine.
  4. Fisk4rn

    Fruity NMZ

    Mine is working fine but it won't use spec weapon when Surge comes. It picks up the Power Surge and switches weapon but then it doesn't spec. The logger only says this [INFO][Bot #1][02/02 10:21:50 fm]: [InventorySetup] Adding: Granite maul [INFO][Bot #1][02/02 10:21:50 fm]: [DreamExecutor] Setting Special Weapon: Granite maul
  5. Ok, I didn't know it was that complex but I can see that it must be hard to get anti-crashing etc. I won't be using this anymore though since I just got perm-banned on my account after using this for 4-5 days botting about 4 hours per day
  6. Bump, got 42 keys ready!
  7. I know I have used scripts that had it working before in the early days of osbot. What is the problem that is happening now? I could gladly help test it for you.
  8. Ok, I will try that and I am looking forward to the update! Also, is waterbirth support coming soon or is it planned?
  9. I have been using this script for the last couple of days and it has been working great with just some minor bugs I have found. 1. At the "West" spot sometimes when the bot runs south to hop worlds it will try and hop to soon after combat and fail to hop and then it gets stuck in a little loop where it runs up north and gets attacked and then goes a little bit south and fails to hop again. 2. I can't get it to use the Camelot teleport spell just tabs. I tried to run it with laws and airs in inventory but it wouldn't teleport and instead started running. It works fine with Camelot tel
  10. @Czar is this the script that support sandcrabs? In the other thread you made regarding the sand crab bot there seem to be some confusion regarding if it is a stand alone script or not since it can't be found in the scrip store.
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