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literally cant bot anymore.

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i've had about 4-5 accounts banned in the passed 6 months. ive changed ip's ive done all of that. These accounts were all 5-10 years old so no email required. You BOT your get BANNED nothing else to it. i've botted for 2 weeks straight before with no ban. They got it figured out now.

Get vip and use the mirror client. I had 3 bans botting total of 20 accounts in 1 month 24/7.

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i was spinning flax into bow strings, only ran it for 4 hours when i went to bed. tried to log in today banned. i had just freshly created the account

i was using the rsbot client. 

If anybody would like to inform me on how to successfully bot safely. i would make it worth they're time :-)


You just did what you're NOT supposed to do when you start botting, especially on standard client.

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rsbot, i use both. mostly rsbot pre eoc and osbot for 07. i mean what scripts are safe to bot shit?

i've never been banned for botting until recently. i figured cutting yews or fishing lobs was a higher risk!

i mean here is another thing, do you think jagex can link your accounts together through your credit card number?

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