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  1. I guess i can go apetoll now but do i need the monkey greegree to go chin there?
  2. Nyan Cat

    And how long it would take like ? :p
  3. Okay, just trying to talk to servergreeks but he seems not answering me on skype -.-
  4. Yes thats not the problem The problem is going to ape toll Is there anyway to like start the mm? but not making it done how can i get to the apetoll and staying 1 def?
  5. Nyan Cat

    1/60/1 How much, hand done
  6. Where can i chin 1 def? Currently made order to guy do monkey madness, but after that i can't get to ape toll without getting the def xp reward? Anyway to get there and chin with 1 def
  7. Y U SPAM MY THREAD Contact me via chatbox if you want to sell
  8. Nah If you don't trust me for 4 dollars, no thanks then
  9. Not paying that much, thanks tho
  10. oh sorry forgot to mention Tztok jad is leading with 15m bid cmoon guys 14k till 75 atk and has 1m nmz points now :3
  11. Like A Sir IS BUYING THIS ACCOUNT WITHIN HOUR / WILL REQUEST CLOSE WHEN ITS SOLD WILL SELL FOR BIGGEST BID TODAY/TOMORROW Account has also 1M nmz points! Just looking to sell this pure for 07 or rs3 gp need money on my new skiller on osrs NO A/W NO S/B I'm original owner of this account Got ava etc. 3 filled books, holy,armadyl,bandos attack were quested to 50 28 qp Bought also bond with gp so it has 10 + days atm
  12. Still got? add vicente.osbot im intrested
  13. Edited thread Has f cape, 72 atk atm and 10 + days membership
  14. Leading It will go today for highest bet it has f cape now
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