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  1. agreed. the problem is that these people could go to a different site for the same services if it was only banned on osbot. as someone who has an ironman, a true ironman, i really dislike any notion of powerleveling / botting / questing/ etc on an ironman acc. i don't understand how doing so doesn't ruin the mode for you because it definitely would for me. it's very satisfying to know that all the progress you made on an ironman account is 100% exclusively you. btw sup roomscape, idk if you remember my name, but i've resurfaced for today
  2. got an idea of price, removing pic close thread
  3. sleepin after a long day of scaping huh?
  4. he said he gets like 10-13 fps on cs lol. so...
  5. My brother is in the market for a gaming computer. I don't really know what specs are good, but his budget is $500, he wants it to be able to run steam games like LoL, csgo, and smite without problems. He also doesn't want to build it on his own. He wants to just buy the computer as a whole. Please only post links to the computer
  6. there are a lot of factors that vary with everyone when they bot.
  7. Yeah prison break is a great show. I got hooked to it.
  8. My two recent were Prison Break and Zoo, both on Netflix, Zoo is really good imo but has only 1 season on netflix
  9. ... if you'd post this to osb, what kind of kinky shit do you have on your history ??
  10. says u joined 18th, gg liar. mald plz ban
  11. idk why but this made me think of playing oregon trails
  12. nop i never drank water, thats why im here typing this
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