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  1. Cant appeal RWT ban. OP is fucked. Managed to unban an account that was banned for botting 3 years ago by appealing, but the other one that was banned for longer for RWT got right out denied. They have zero tolerance for RWT, especially when they recently upgraded their system in regards to those actions.
  2. Reading this topic has made me understand why OSBot has the highest ban rates in comparison to the competitors... Weirdly enough, as soon as I stopped using OSBot (premium) scripts, my bans lowered. This topic confirms why.
  3. It hurts to read this much misinformation... Ban reasons are ALWAYS third party client detection. I use bot client on my account I occasionally bot and I have received zero bans.
  4. Imagine thinking mirror mode does something lmao
  5. Why not accept PP? I can see this account get recovered after a while.
  6. It depends. Flagged IP? Within 24 hrs. Fresh IP? Within a week. No one really knows when their botwatch flags you.
  7. Yea, sure, Jagex. Stop creating new osbot accounts with false stories.
  8. Tr1b0t has it and it isn't doing quite well. I'd say it's causing more bans.
  9. You forgot one fact: they forgot to utilize proxies. Chain bans are real, people, don't be dumb.
  10. No one can give you this answer. We can only assume that Jagex, for our best interest, can't tell what client we use.
  11. I have been botting Zulrah pretty much 24/7 for 3 months, zero bans (not shitty osbot obviously). OSbot's ignorance towards anti-ban improvements will be the downfall.
  12. Yet I am able to bot, almost 24/7, several accounts to 99 agility without any bans (not osbot)? Sounds like a weirdly shit reason for you
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