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My Journey is almost over+I am resigning

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After serving as a Global Moderator for five months the day has sadly come where I must resign.


As many of you know I have been attending college nonstop these past three years and despite my short time in college I am set to graduate in only 25 more days as opposed to the average four years. I basically rushed through college taking more courses every term than everyone else and despite this maintained a 3.93 GPA. Not only that but I also did all of this and dealt with loads of serious real life issues that I can't go into as well as maintaining long term leadership roles in three other groups on campus and later in December 2014 ultimately became apart of the Moderator team.


All that said these past three years have basically sapped me of all my energy and as I get ready to begin Law School at University of Minnesota this September I really need as much time for myself to just relax. I should also mention I have permanently shut down my questing service thread as well as I don't have the energy to do anymore quest for anyone either(I have one order left that I am currently in the process of finishing but that's it so please don't contact me about doing quest for you).


I enjoyed serving the community and getting to know plenty of you.


Lastly thank you for being such a great team to work with











sprouts angel wings and flies off into the distance

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