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  1. he was pretty huge rs youtuber back in the day, but it's his own fault that he fell out, he just stopped making any runescape related content, so he died out pretty fast. I wouldn't say that he's underrated, he just put himself in situation like that.
  2. help a fam out, what are the model names? Cant find anywhere.
  3. I got banned yesterday after using khals rc script to make fire runes with ring of duelling.
  4. Im really interested in this script, may i get a trial, please?
  5. Hello, i am ready to do questing for someone, i am free up to 10hours a day, which means i can do alot of fucking quests done. If you'd like me to join your team, please leave a comment.
  6. Hello, i'd like to find out this - i had bought your ankou script and flesh crawler script like a year ago as seperate scripts, and now i see this is made all into one. What has happened to my scripts?
  7. hello guise i need hple what type of account i should make to sell it later? I mean like i invest week into it w/o botting and sell it for 50m. What kind of accounts go around for price of 50m? thnx sry fro droppingering your're iq pnoitns
  8. Gurkis


    100 baby sized hulks or 1 big hulk?
  9. Hello, is this still open? Im really interested, is there any place where i can see the quest pricing? And what about discord? I've never used skype. Looking forward to this.
  10. I have a lot of free time and i'm interested. The one thing i dont know is the quest prices, how much does it cost for mm2 and other big quests?
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